The Association of Missouri Geologists is a non-profit organization established to promote the study of Missouri geology in all its aspects and to promote the education, welfare, and professional status of all geologists resident in Missouri.


Geologists who reside in Missouri or whose principal site of activity is in the state are eligible for membership in the Association of Missouri Geologists.  The association currently has approximately 200 members.  The association has four categories of membership:

  • Professional -- $25.00/year
  • Retired Professional -- $15.00/year
  • Non-Voting Members:
    • Associate (does not meet professional membership requirements) -- $10.00/year
    • Student (undergraduate or graduate student) -- $5.00/year

Completed applications for membership should be returned to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will submit them to the Executive Committee for consideration.  New members approved by the Executive Committee are received into the Association at the next annual meeting.  Each member will receive two mailings per year and is entitled to one free copy of the Membership Directory.

Membership Application